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     From speeches and musicals, to the Chicago Marathon and events for the President of the United States, our staff has done it all! 
Our qualified rental production staff can assist you with any audio visual need for your event.   
Plus One AV offers top quality audio and video equipment, competitive pricing, and prompt efficient service.  In addition to the latest inventory, we offer event planning and coordination, equipment set-up and removal, on-site technicians, and show management.

We handle events of all shapes and sizes!  No job is too small or large! Here are just a few types of events we can take care of for you:

 - Corporate Meetings or Conferences

 - Press Events

 - Live Performances

 - Lectures

 - Theatrical Performances

 - Outdoor Races (i.e. Marathon, Walk-a-thon, 5k, 10k, etc.)

 - Worship Services

 - Festivals

 - Fashion Shows

 - Multi-language events


    Don't let language come between your message and your audience!  We provide professional simultaneous interpretation equipment and services for multi-lingual conferences, seminars, trade shows and business meetings.  Our objective is to help businesses with one of their greatest challenges — overcoming language barriers.  We achieve this by providing a full range of world-class language translation equipment along with offering complete technical support for events with people speaking various languages.

    Our success is dependent upon meeting the needs of the customer and providing effective solutions.

    Simultaneous language interpretation is one of our specialties. We can guide you through the entire process and work with your team to cover all of the technical interpretation aspects of your event.   This service can be combined with any of our audio and video services, including our popular congress/conference microphone systems.



    Use our portable tour guide systems to help cut through the noise! 

These lightweight wireless devices help tour guides and team leaders better communicate with their audience in loud environments including: factories, city streets, and tour buses.  Our multi-channel systems are easy to set up and even easier to use.  They are ADA and FCC compliant and operate over a distance of 100-150 feet.

Your tour guide wears a compact body-pack transmitter and headset microphone. Listeners use portable receivers and lightweight headphones or ear speakers to hear every word clearly and easily.

These systems are also ideal for language interpretation when you need translation on the go.




    Whether you are looking for a new system or to upgrade your current one, we can design a custom solution!

Plus One AV is a dealer for audio and video manufacturers from around the world and we have been designing and installing systems for more than thirty years!

    Our success is dependent upon meeting the needs of the customer and providing quality, cost effective solutions.  We are committed to working with our clients to achieve those goals.  What this means to you, is that in the end you will have a system which will fulfill your needs, be easy to use, and won't break your budget.

    Are your current audio video systems operating to their full potential or in need of repair?  Contact our service department to schedule an on site inspection.  Our service technicians can diagnose and repair your existing system or recommend any necessary upgrades.


A collection of photos from events we've worked 



  In most competitive markets, businesses are able to emulate the best features of their competitors.  As a result, it is difficult to stand out as unique.  A Plus-One position is one in which a business can equal the competition on all areas, and then exceed's not just our name, it's our philosophy!


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